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Can you help India Inc to stop the menace of Sexual Harassment at Workplace?

80% businesses in India are unable to comply to the sexual harassment laws due to lack of expert assistance.

Experts in this area are highly sought after and well paid. You can make a positive difference - help India to end sexual harassment at workplace.

This course from India's top law school, taught by top industry experts will give you unmatched skills and credibility.

HR  professional or a consultant? Ask your organization to enrol you for this course. It will be a worthy step towards employee welfare.

Executive Certification in Sexual Harassment prevention and workplace diversity:
why is it relevant for you?

Can you help an organization to create tailor-made sexual harassment policies, set up and train complaints committees, conduct employee sensitizations, create systems for confidentiality, implement a consistent management stance and perform compliance under existing law? 

Can you help an organization to tackle broader workplace-harassment issues?

Can you help an organization to implement a gender-neutral framework to tackle workplace-harassment? 

Workplace-related laws like the anti-sexual harassment laws are being introduced in India with the objective of creating better workplaces. Although regulatory steps at present may be fragmented, broken or incomplete, these laws need to be effectively implemented, while simultaneously ensuring that workplace equations between employees are not disturbed. This is a huge challenge for organizations and presents an emerging opportunity for HR managers, professionals, experts, consultants and even lawyers to establish their expertise and help businesses in compliance, training, and building systems for creation of better workplaces. 

You should consider this course if you are:

    Your organization needs expert help to stop sexual harassment, comply with legal requirements, create a diversity friendly workplace environment and you could be the expert on these matters. Why be confused about the laws, proceedings and rules when you could be confident about every decision you make, every audit you conduct and every hearing you preside over? 
  2. A COMPLIANCE PROFESSIONAL (CA, CS and other compliance consultants)
    You already have clients or an employer who you help with legal and policy compliances. Why not add an extra skill to your list of offerings, especially since MNC clients pay very well for sexual harassment related compliances? I bet your clients will be more comfortable asking you to handle this rather than going to a new expert they don't even know. You just need the right expertise, and this course will he
    When they want the highest expertise on any compliance matters, they come to you. Lawyers in India are already very busy helping corporate clients to implement the sexual harassment prevention law, creating policies and offering training. Do you want above average skills and knowledge that will set you apart from the average lawyer? This course will teach you skills you will not find in statute books. Learn straight from the lawyers who drafted the law itself, argued landmark cases, partners of top law firms and General Counsels of top notch MNCs. This course is also great for those aiming at an In House Counsel role in any big organization.

Do I have to travel to attend classes?

Absolutely no!   You can access this course online and on smartphones from anywhere in the world, study at your own pace, write the exams online from wherever you wish, and get the certificate delivered at your doorstep. However, there will be some live online classes which will be recorded and shared even with those who miss.

What will you learn?

The 7 challenges and obstacles below are preventing organizations from implementing the sexual harassment prevention law.

1. Finding legitimate experts to sensitize employees and train Complaints Committees
2. Mobilizing 100 percent of the workforce for training without compromising productivity
3. Providing effective and continuous training  which is easily accessible to all employees
4. High cost of in-person training
5. Implementation of assessment and certification systems to demonstrate compliance
6. Astronomical compliance bills
7. When employees face problem they don’t have access to experts to clarify doubts

Organizations highly value a professional who can enable them to adequately implement the law, despite the above challenges.  
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What kinds of skillsets are necessary to comply with the sexual harassment prevention law?
A mix of legal, administrative, secretarial, organizational, training, communications and personnel-related skillsets is necessary for any expert to be able to help an organization with adequate implementation.

Experts who have helped us

The course has been conceptualized by iPleaders and NUJS in consultation with partners of top law firms, senior litigators, women’s commission members, and general counsels of top MNCs. Some of the experts who have helped us are mentioned below:

Dr. Ranjana Kaul

Formerly with Delhi Commission of Women and counsel for Maharashtra Government at Supreme Court

Sunila Awasthi

Corporate lawyer who has worked on sexual harassment issues for over a decade (partner at AZB)

Sonal Mattoo

Helping Hands

Shwetasree Majumder

Founder, Fidus Law Chambers (was on Verma Committee Panel)

Siboney Sagar

Former General Counsel with General Electric and British Telecom

We also thank Advocate Anisha Banerji, who has been practising at the Delhi High Court for about 17 years, who has provided valuable inputs in the preparation of the sample documents, policies, notices and drafts.

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The Coordinator,
Executive Certification in Sexual Harassment Prevention and Workplace Diversity,
WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan,
12 LB Block, Sector-III, Salt Lake,

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